Monday, 30 March 2009

English countryside

Another Wacom Tablet picture.Would have made a good 1930s style London Transport travel poster.

Sunday, 29 March 2009

Saturday, 28 March 2009

sea and land

Oil on board. bit broody,tried to make the sand look wet.painted a couple of years ago or so.memories of Cornwall.

Monday, 23 March 2009


Painted in the mid 60s.............oil on panel
memories of Essex

View from studio widow

Oils..........1990s Wales.
trying to get the coolness of the woods.
Not easy as I cant handle greens.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Essex marshland

This is a computer painting using"painter Classic" and a Wacom tablet.
This is painting the easy way. Mixing paints very much the same as real painting and Classic Paint give you a selection of brushes and pencils to use through an electronic pen on to tablet.It however doesn't give you a canvas to hold or the same amount of satisfaction.Its a bit like using digital cameras and photoshop instead of a darkroom,much easier but less fun.

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Friday, 20 March 2009


acrylic on panel. 1980s

Studio cottage in Wales

 Oil on canvas

rough sketch

1980s Oil on paper.


This was painted in 1952 while doing my national service in the army. It was painted with printers ink which I lifted from the quartermasters stores and I painted it in my barrack room,no mean feat!
The army wasnt all bad,when the education officer saw this painting he found a room for me to use as a studio and arranged an allowance and transport (Bedford 15cwt)and driver to take me in style to evening classes in a nearby town once a week. I ended up teaching art there when the art master went sick. In return for my studio I had to design "Join the regular army" posters.and also paint murals in the mess halls I was pleased to do this as they later took me off all normal duties and so I could paint all day with materials supplied..

Thursday, 19 March 2009


Cornwall type scenery.......Oil on board 2008


Oils 1995

Reclining nude

acrylic on paper
Was never much good at life drawing,too lazy to learn anatomy properly at art school.
Do they still teach that these days?

Another beach

Oil (Artisan) on board. This painting actually pleases me,a bit primitive but I got the tone and colour right to my eyes on second attempt (overpainted)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Artisan paint

Oil on canvas 2007
This was painted with Artisan Oils. a water mixable oil paint. advantages, Easy to clean up,brushes last for ever,disadvantages very slow drying but there is a drying medium. This painting was a straight off job,the sea and cliffs applied with a house painting brush,usually though I block of with acrylics then overpaint with oil rather than this thin almost watercolour paint effect.


Memories of Devon and Cornwall.......oil on board 1970s .

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Fields in evening light

This is a painting done on a Wacom drawing tablet,no paper involved,for those that dont know,one draws and paints on a tablet with an electronic pen which transfers straight onto the screen. The pen can act as a brush or pencil,even a palette knife and can load with any colour. You cant hang the original on the wall though!

20 minute sketch


Oil on board 2007


Oil on wood 2008 heavy overlaid paint for texture
dark hill and sky to throw up foreground. usual cottage,
don't know why I always put these in.must be in me genes.

Decorative panel

Small decorative wood panel painted with emulsion paint
for the bathroom. 1980s
Oil on board 2008


Oil on board painted late 60s a colour and design exercise

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Essex Marshes

This was painted some time in the late 60s from the memories of my youth when I lived there. It was painted entirely in emulsion paint and is still in very good order.A different style from my norm.

Saturday, 14 March 2009


This is emulsion,ink and washing up liquid painted on to the back of a sheet of glass. painting is in reverse,first the detail in indian ink and squeezy as a medium then when dry, backing up with small brushwork emulsion and finishing with large brushwork,good fun to do but you cant change any mistakes. brings a nice depth to the painting AND you don't have to varnish!

Sketch book

Bits and bobs.

Griffin Alkyd oil paint

The painting below was done with Griffin Alkyd oils,This is a great paint to use for my style of painting,it is very fast drying for oils and will mix with standard oils to boot.It will be dry enough to completely paint over by the next day and as my painting is by trial and error,perfect for the job,.No more scraping off bits that weren't right or washing down with turps.There is another paint which in some ways is even better but we will come to that when I put up a painting done with it. meanwhile go.... and buy buy buy.


Oil on board.painted 2008.. Could be anywhere,the sort of scene that flashes by when you are driving along a coast road..sea and horizon behind houses. I dont sit and paint scenes on the spot just the impression that lodges in me 'ead .. Looking at it now...the horizon is crooked,my usual trademark.

Beach and sand

Oil on canvas,painted early sixties when I had a studio on a Thames sailing barge*,easily the best studio one could wish for as I could roll back the main hatch and the studio would become open air. It was amusing to poke my head up on a Sunday morning and see a line of people doing paintings of the barge,if I was feeling civilised I would ask them in for tea.usually though it was a bit of a hangover and just a quick grunt and back to bed.
* The lord Winston Churchill. moored in the Cubit's Basin Chiswick

harbour scene

Mixed media on board, I think painted in the 70s, mixture of emulsion and oils.Emulsion first and oil added later. odd way of painting but there you go.
Notes. in those days I used to design and paint carnival floats for the local town.Much primary colour emulsion paint was supplied...hence it became the paint for blocking in my own stuff.